Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Midterm Links

  1. Machinima and Remix:
  2. Video Editing:
  3. Camera Shot Vocabulary:
  4. Using a Shot List:
  5. What is the state of VR in 2019?: 
  6. 360 Photography:
  7. Interview and Lighting Basics:   &
  8. Updated Resume: (Under "Work Experience")
  9. Script and Shot List for Video Resume:
  10. Updated Portfolio:

I think all the work I did thus far in class has helped me understand a lot more about digital communication that I didn't know before. I have been able to learn how to use Premiere Pro which is a very important tool in the communication field, and also learned more about camera shots and video editing. I have always been interested in this area of study but never had the opportunity to actually learn about it and how it works. I have really enjoyed using Premiere Pro and creating videos and interviews. Although Im not the best at it yet, I am still excited to be working with this technology. I am very grateful to be learning about all of the background that goes into videos, websites, and social media and I know I will be able to take what I have learned in this class and use it in the real world. In my internship for example, I have to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro which are tools that I can understand. Before this class I knew nothing about either of them but now I am able to take what I have learned and put it to the test. I have a lot of goals that I like to set for my self but some of the main ones that stick out to me would be to learn more about digital communication as a whole, gain more experience using different form of technology (like VR), and improve my skills all around when it comes to video editing and taking quality camera and video shots.  

Video Resume Shot List and Script

Using A Shot List

  • Time
  • Images and Video
  • Lyrics
  • Song
  • Each part of the song
  • "Top of the World" 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Interview + Camera Tips

Interview Tips 
  • Do your homework 
  • Be prepared with questions 
    • come correct
  • Think like a journalist 
    • "and then what happened"
  • Don't forget to get your subject to speak to you and not the camera 

Camera Tips 
  • Lighting 
    • defuse light
    • chinees lantern 
  • Composition & Framing 
  • Headroom
    • no space above their head 
    • eyes should be 2/3 of the frame 
  • Frame 
    • hands
    • chin
  • Background and foreground
    • spend time making the background looking good 

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Virtual Reality in 2019

Virtual reality in 2019 is all around us and in everything we do. As technology becomes more advanced, so does virtual reality. We have seen many different forms of virtual reality picking up over the last few years and becoming more and more popular among people. Not only has virtual reality stepped outside of the video game genre but it has also been incorporated into many different games for people with different interests. The most common form of virtual reality that I have seen has been a virtual world. In many cases, this is displayed in malls and at game stores and has become extremely popular. Putting on a headset and being able to enter into a new world (or so it seems) is something that people are being drawn to.